Wentworth Environmental Inc (WEI) offers a wide range of services for underwater munitions response programs. Wentworth is Canadian-owned and operated with our head office in Leitches Creek, Nova Scotia, Canada. WEI was established in 2006 to provide a complete scope of critical mission support services to manage and eliminate risk from underwater munitions and weapons. Company’s President, Mr. Terrance Long served as a Canadian Military Engineer specializing in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) who received appointments as Explosive Ordnance Disposal Centre Chief, Canadian Armed Forces; Demining Expert, United Nations; International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) on Sea Dumped Chemical Weapons (SDW) in The Hague; Scientific Committee, Department of Command and Naval Operation for Marine Safety and Security, Polish Naval Academy; and Associate Partner for Chemical Munitions Search & Assessment (CHEMSEA) Project for the Baltic Sea. Many of Wentworth’s employees are former military servicemen and women who served with distinction and maintain unique qualifications and experiences that complement our core services for Military Munitions Response Programs (MMRP’s).

Wentworth has conducted national and international projects from large to small scale. Wentworth can provide you with our project performance history at the client’s request. Wentworth respects the privacy of our clients.